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Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has designed produced and delivered for the customer in the UK 24 pcs of tanks for paint production industry.





Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has designed, produced and delivered for the customer in the UK 14 pcs of cider fermenters.





First time stainless steel tanks for food industry made by Machinery Plant "Astra" AB have been dispatched to Saudi Arabia.





Machinery Plant "Astra" AB delivered already 5-th special column since 2010 for the same customer in France. Colum is 24m height and it will be used in special chemical process. Column No. 6 is in production and will be delivered end of February. Old customers are coming back to us with new orders.    





Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has designed and produced first LNG tank – container. Purpose of tank – container is to transport LNG by truck, railway and ship. Vessel itself is certified according ASME regulation and it’s developed together with partners from Finland. This is a new design significantly lighter container comparing with all today known container of analogical purpose.     






Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has produces, delivered and installed 16 stainless steel tank for brand new dairy in Latvia.   








Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has got golden medal award in the competition of “Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists” for the “Chocolate stainless steel tank with progressive design mixer and heating system”.   



Machinery Plant ASTRA this year is participating in exhibition Brau Beviale 2014 which is in Nurnberg, Germany 2014 11 11-13. Please visit us in hall 6, stand number 654.



Machinery Plant "Astra" AB has produced and delivered already second project to the new market during this year – Ireland. Both projects consist from 27different milk storage and processing tanks from 1,5 m3 up to 300 m3 capacity and have been delivered to the same customer.




Rostechnadzor allows the Astra pressure vessels

Machinery plant “Astra” AB has successfully acquired a homologation of procedures of designing and manufacturing pressure vessels according to the requirements of the Russian inspection body Rostechnadzor. The obtained permit to use (Разрешение на применение) pressure vessels manufactured by Astra in Russian Federation provides good marketing opportunities for supplying local breweries with various technological tanks, including bright beer tanks (BBT), brewing tanks (CKT), yeast propagation tanks and fermentation tanks (akratofor) for sparkling vine industry as well. The certification mentioned above witnesses the highest level of professionalism and accomplishment of all structural departments of our company - design, manufacturing and quality control.



Machinery plant "Astra" AB  has produced and delivered yeast propagation unit 

In June AB machinery plant "Astra" produced and successfully tested the yeast propagation unit manufactured under the Ukrainian client order. The specialists of AB MG Astra took participation  in all phases of the project management: designing technological scheme, preparing the specification and conducting purchasing activities of required equipment, projecting automatic control system (ACS),  ACS assembly, tanks and piping engineering, manufacturing and montage. The yeast propagation in this unit is executed in the specially designated for this purpose two tanks – the propagators, in which worth is being circulated and injected with filtered and sterile air. The yeast propagation unit is comprised of dry yeast intake tank, sterilization tank, enzyme dosing unit and two propagators. All the tanks and piping are fully hygienic. Depending upon the yeast type, the propagation rate during one cycle starts from initial 5 mln yeast cells/ml and reaches up to 80-130 mln yeast cells/ ml. The duration of one cycle – 48-70 hours. The worth in the propagation unit designed by AB MG ASTRA is mixed in more effective way: not by means of mixer, but by recirculation of the worth. All the technological process is thoroughly automates. The automatic control system contains controllers and sensors of the renowned producers in this field - "NEGELE", "E&H","Siemens, the system is managed by logical controller SIMATIC  S7-300, which has been programmed with STEP7 computer program. The ACS is capable to communicate with other modules of the manufacturing process, for example CIP station, via speedy PROFIBUS-DP or Ethernet connections. The system is equipped with complete process visualization (HMI) tool on the basis of  the WinCC program.



Machinery plant "Astra" AB produced and dispatched for the customer in Russia 8

pcs of beer fermentation tanks of 77 cubic meters volume.


During 5 days machinery plant „Astra“ AB loaded and sent to Russia 35 pressure vessels for alcohol industry  There were 18 railway platforms. Diameter of sent vessels was in a range from 1m3 (yeast vessel) to 52m3 (cognac vessel). It is the biggest  shipment of vessels  made in Alytus during all machinery plant history.




On the 22nd of April 2009 in Machinery plant „Astra AB was opened new workshop of stainless steel tanks production, which is worth about 4 mln. Eur. Equipment was brought from Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Switzerland and USA. It is first time in Baltic States to use such modern stainless steel automatic welding (PLASMA+TIG), witch makes welding 10 times more effective compare to previous methods. We are equipped by unique dimple jacket welding technology, witch allows to reduce the cost of dimple jacket material 2 times. That will influence prices, higher level of quality, shorter producing process time and our company will be more competitive. Modern and efficient machinery for grinding and planishing of spherical and conical surfaces is also a big step forward. Today these technologies allows to produce stainless steel tank, pressure vessels and reactors for pharmaceutical, food, biofuel, nuclear, chemical and other industries making all operations in one place.


In brand new stainless steel vessels production plant of Machinery plant "Astra" ABis installed and already started up new line for production of stainless steel vessels layouts. This new line consist  4m large guillotine scissors, automatic welding machine, automatic planisher and rolling machines. Also new machine for automatic welding of dimple jacket is installed and successfully started up. All new equipment is already in use and permits to enjoy increased productivity and high quality of produced stainless steel vessels.



Mounting works of new equipments are going on in our new 3600 m2 workshop for stainless steel tanks. The mounting works now is going for new welding equipments (Plasma+TIG) that consist of a 4 m. seamer and in another new workshop in the same building a vertical boom with turning table for circular and vertical welding also with Plasma+TIG. Some enhancement are being made as well for
the existing TIG/MIG boom (adding oscillation, control and video monitoring). New equipments will offer us capability to weld metal sheets up to 15 mm without edge preparation in one pass. the same line will consist of refurbished 4 m. Prom came guillotine, new planisher (rolling and grinding of welds) near to the seamer. New automatic grinding and polishing machine for dished heads, cylinders and tanks. A new automatic TIG machine for manufacturing of cooling dimple jackets. Stay tuned for more photos, detailed information and estimation of the opening date.




Sprendimas: D.Baladinskas