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Laser cutting

We offer laser cutting service.
Please send inquiries to our laser cutting sales manager:; +370 616 76518

Laser cutting service.
Max. sheet dimensions:
X – 12 000 mm;
Y – 2 500 mm;
stroke of the cutting head - Z – 170 mm;
max. sheet weight - 3 550 kg.
carbon steel up to 25 mm;
stainless steel up to 25 mm;
aluminum up to 15 mm.

Plasma cutting service.
Max. sheet dimensions:
X – 12 000 mm;
Y – 2 000 mm.
carbon steel up to 125 mm;
stainless steel up to 50 mm.

Mechanical machining
Double column 5 faces milling machine allows to mill following max. dimensions:
X – 4000 mm;
Y - 3200 mm;
Z – 1300 mm.

Punching service with high performance production CNC machine.

Main properties:
max. punching force – 220 KN;
max. sheet thickness - 6 mm;
max. sheet dimensions without reposition - 1500x3000 mm;
max. sheet dimensions with reposition 1500x7000 mm;
max. sheet weight – 180 kg;
tolerance for repositioning - +/-0,05 mm;
thickness of the punching sheet – 0,6÷6 mm.

Pickling and passivation

Service for pickling and passivation of welded stainless steel components.

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Our produced equipment not delivered only in the Antarctic continent!

Over 85% of the company's production is exported to countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, USA, etc. countries.

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