Design and production

ASTRA has continuously working 250 people and total production space is 23 000 m² in order to be competitive in price and quality against other manufacturers, we have our own production, engineering, testing and technician departments which pay great attention to detail from design to assembly to satisfy needs of even most demanding client.
Top quality
We are ISO 9001 certified

The company has implemented ISO 9001 quality management system since year 2000 and ISO 14001 environmental management system since year 2003.

Needs clarification

Analyzing and understanding customer needs on a given technical basis is one of the key points, creating high efficiency from the early start of a new project, this is why our sales / project managers are very active and if needed we physically go and  analyzee the location where the new equipment would be installed. 

Project planning

Astra has a implemented ERP system that integrates all stages of the project, from receiving an order to delivery of produced equipment. Each project is individual, so planning is essential, successful planning is determined by factory plant load monitoring, designers' employment awareness, and strict delivery schedule of material deliveries, all of which controls the production deadlines while maintaining the highest quality of production.


Most of the products manufactured by the company are designed and manufactured according to individual needs, taking into account the technological specifics used and other technical conditions. During the design process, our team always cooperates with the client, analyzes tasks, performs design calculations, provides technical solutions and detailed assembly drawings.

Applicable standards:

  • EN13445
  • EN14015
  • AD2000
  • EAC Russian certificate

Our workshop uses modern stainless steel processing technologies: microprocessor-controlled welding, software-based cutting, stamping, cutting and folding centers, special equipment for the production of bottoms, polishing, dimple jackets and other special items. All materials and consumables are used exclusively supplied from trusted Europian suppliers, which ensures high quality and reliability of the final product. The largest tank diameter we able produce is 6 000 mm, the length of the cylindrical part is up to 50 000 mm, the maximum lifting capacity is 50 t.

Quality assurance and testing

The quality of Astra products is ensured by a separate quality department, where specialists with long-term experience use modern measuring equipment. Each measurement, inspection, control or test recorded and incuded in final product documentation.

Factory Acceptance Test
During Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) client can evaluate the equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that equipment is built and operating in accordance with design specifications. FAT ensures that the components and controls are working properly according to the functionality of the equipment itself. We are pleased to meet you at our factory and assist then testing is performed.

Whenever we receive a request for a oversized equipment, our first task is to analyze the options for delivering it to the customers site, performing a delivery route study, and selecting the safest and most economical route. Production can be delivered either by road transport or by hiring a separate cargo ship. We are not afraid of oversized equipment, only two questions remain, is there a way to deliver it to your site and will the finished equipment fit into your factory?

One of the leaders in europe

Our produced equipment not delivered only in the Antarctic continent!

Over 85% of the company's production is exported to countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, USA, etc. countries.

Export countries
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