Road tankers

Road tankers

„Astra LT” road tanker is engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Alytus, Lithuania. Close

cooperation between our engineers and end users helps us develop modern solutions. We have analysed

many existing tankers in the European market and, together with end users, we have carefully studied the

advantages and imperfections of present designs. We then have taken that information to develop our

model, applying the latest technology to create the new Advanced Road Tanker.


Really lightweight. Only 6,130 kg is quite impressive for a 3-section 30 m3 pressure-less

tanker equipped with a hygienic/air pressure unloading system. Every element is designed

to reduce weight. chosen using weight criteria. Optimized sub chassis and tank body

design, aluminium bumpers, adjustable aluminium feet, aluminium rims, an aluminium

service platform, aluminium air spring supports, top-quality JOST DCA AIRMASTER axles

engineered by Mercedes-Benz, with integrated braking system, pressure vessels and

much more. Even Goodyear Fuel Max tyres have been chosen using weight criteria.

Perfectly insulated. Our tanker is insulated by a monolithic 110 mm layer of new, 5th

generation environmentally friendly polyurethane. Fully closed pores ensure nearly no

moisture absorption and the best thermal insulation properties there are. All 3 manholes

and zones around them also carefully insulated. The extensive effort put into the insulation

have yielded great results: the overall coefficient of heat transfer K is 0.360 W/m2K.

Made from Duplex stainless steel. Most food-grade road tankers are made from

austenitic stainless steel. We decided to go one step further and develop our road tanker

from Lean Duplex steel. This steel outperforms austenitic AISI 316 stainless steel in terms

of corrosion resistance, but also has better mechanical properties, allowing for weight

optimization. Automated welding and weld planishing technology have been specially

developed for Lean Duplex steel in order to ensure quality welding and high productivity.

Probably best in class. We did our best in order to avoid sub-chassis corrosion—even in

the intense winter weather of Nordic countries. Road salt is not a problem any more. Our

sub-chassis is engineered from high-strength Swedish S700 steel and prepared for

coating using the offshore gas and oil platform coating philosophy. The internal side of

every single external sharp edge has been rounded down to R2, double ball blasted, then

given a multilayer KTL coating, an additional layer of varnish, and a final layer of

environmentally friendly Canadian developed KROWN anticorrosion treatment. Hot dip

galvanized fastenings, anodized aluminium and stainless-steel components: all this truly

makes our tanker better in terms of corrosion and rust-free operation, durability and



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